Tips to Maintain Your Fitness Goals by Preventing Muscle Pain

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The Burden of Back Pain

With hot weather around the corner, spring is the best season to start an exercise routine or explore new hikes to improve your overall health and create specific goals you can work on regularly. Consistency is the key to success. However, if you’re introducing exercises or long walks into your daily routine it may be accompanied by tired muscles and pain. One of the simplest ways to overcome muscle pain is by listening and taking care of your body.

Here are four ways to mitigate muscle pain.


Incorporate stretching into your daily fitness routine. Gently stretching before your workout will send a signal to your muscles letting them know to wake up. Whereas stretching afterwards, once your muscles are warm, allows them to gain flexibility while mitigating soreness. Make sure to stretch gently and not force further stretching than necessary as you could pull a muscle doing that. It’s all about balance.

Take Rest Days

Resting doesn’t mean you’re being lazy. Working out every day without rest can burn out your body, as it has no days to recuperate from your workout and grow new cells that will replenish growing muscles. It can also increase the risk of getting injured, because your body is overtired. Resting doesn’t necessary mean you can’t do anything, though. You can do gentle exercises such as going for a walk, or yoga to stretch out your whole body.

Mix it Up

As you create a regular exercise routine, make sure to change your exercise every so often as it allows you to target new muscles, give other muscles a rest, and it ensures that your body doesn’t get familiar with the same exercise. When you’re doing a similar exercise, you can change the speed and weight to build new muscle memory and maximize results.

Listen To Your Body

When you have a target in mind, it can be easy to be solely focused on reaching that goal without listening to your body because it’s necessary to reach the goal. Unfortunately, this is how injury and sore muscles happen. Getting injured or damaging your muscles will slow you down for a longer period of time, compared to listening to your body and resting when you need to.

If you add heavier weights to your exercise and your muscles are sore, try using our topical muscle soreness roll-on to alleviate the pain that comes with muscle growth.

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