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Our Formulation Vs. Theirs

Our experience in formulating quality topical pain relievers stems from developing topical pain relief for race and performance horses suffering from joint, muscle, tendon and ligament pain.

We developed both Racehorse Strength Equi-Block™ and LaKOTA™ (at one time Canada’s #1 selling topical pain reliever for human use. Both brands have since been sold to other companies and no longer use our original, proprietary formulations and medicinal extracts that made them the best selling topical pain relievers in the human and equine topical pain relief categories).

Although several topical pain relievers on the market today contain salicylates (primarily methyl salicylate) we have never felt that salicylates were very effective at alleviating pain when applied topically to the skin (although salicylates, such as Aspirin, do work for many people when taken orally. However, this is an entirely different route of administration and mode of action than applying it to the skin). We are not alone in our findings on salicylates either; many other researchers have also found topical application of salicylates to have very little, if any, actual efficacy.

In our 25 years of developing topical pain relievers and testing them on thousand pound racehorses with joint, muscle, tendon and ligament pain, we have yet to achieve desirable results with our experimentation of salicylates.
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The Truth Behind Our Formulas

Looking for More Proof?

So what really sets our topical pain relievers apart from the competition? Why do they seem to provide longer lasting pain relief than many other topical medications that appear to be similar?

“It’s the quality and stability of the medicinal ingredients that we use and the way that they’re formulated” says Dave Gill, master OTC chemist and co-developer of Cowboy Protection. “Contrary to what many people think, not all topical pain relievers are the same. Some do work better than others. Much of the efficacy of a topical pain medication has to do with not just the quality and stability of the active ingredients, but also the base ingredients that the medication is blended into. Don’t assume that just because one brand has 5% menthol and another brand has 5% menthol, that they work the same. Some don’t have the penetrating capabilites that others do because of their base formulations”.

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Still #1 After All...

Our original Equi-Block™ and LaKOTA™ formulas used less active ingredient (only 0.025% capsaicin) than well known capsaicin brands ZostrixTM and Capsaizin P™ (both of which contained triple the amount of capsaicin at a concentration of 0.075%).

However, hundreds of thousands of users felt that Equi-Block™ and LaKOTA™ were far superior to either Zostrix™ or Capsaizin P™. * So the next time you’re in need of topical pain relief get yourself some Cowboy Protection™. We’re sure you’ll agree that not all topical pain medications are created equal!

*AC Nielsen topical analgesic numbers for 2005 – prior to the sale of LaKOTA™ – ranked LaKOTA™ the number one selling topical pain reliever in Canada against ALL BRANDS (Zostrix™ and Capsaizin P™ , two other brands that contained capsaicin, were ranked #21 and #29 respectively. In fact, LaKOTA™ was the only capsaicin topical pain reliever to make the top 20 – and it was #1!).

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