Humble Beginnings

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How it All Started…

Filling a Void For Racehorses With Pain

Cowboy Protection™ are the new – greatly improved – topical pain relief formulas originally developed for race and performance horses suffering from joint, muscle, tendon and ligament pain.

Initially marketed worldwide under the brand names Racehorse Strength Equi-Block™ and in the human market under the name LaKOTA™, both brands – with the exception of the LaKOTA™ formula being sold today in Europe – no longer use the original proprietary formulations that made them famous and some of the most sought after topical pain medications in the world.

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Meet Our Founders

The Men Behind it All

These powerful, fast acting, long lasting topical pain relievers were invented by racehorse trainer Rick Stewart and master OTC chemist Dave Gill to fill a huge void in the horse racing industry.

Until their development there were simply no topical pain medications strong enough to provide effective relief to these thousand pound athletes. Topical pain relievers developed for human use (which was all that was available for racehorses prior to Equi-Block™) simply didn’t provide enough pain relief for racehorses; animals that place thousands of foot pounds of stress on joints, muscles and tendons during racing and training. The development of Racehorse Strength Equi-Block™ ushered in a whole new era of truly effective topical pain relief for race and performance horses.

“Other trainers were astounded at how I was able to take sore horses and literally transform them into brand new horses. Horses that hadn’t won a race in months or years suddenly started winning again. They raced better for one primary reason – because I was able to get rid of their pain. I don’t care whether you’re a horse or a human, you can’t train or perform as well if you’re in pain. It’s that simple”

– Cowboy Protection Co-Founder, Rick Stewart

Word spread quickly in the equine world about Stewart and Gill’s incredible new pain relieving medication for racehorses. Within 18 months of hitting the market, Equi-Block™ was used by horses and riders around the globe – including the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, England, Scotland, Ireland, Germany, Italy, France, Belgium, Denmark, Russia, Japan, Brazil, United Arab Emirates (UAE), Saudi Arabia and many other countries. It was easily the number one selling topical pain reliever in the world for race and performance horses.

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We’ve Got References…

Trusted By Sports' Top Talent

Prominent users and endorsees in the sports and fitness world included D. Wayne Lukas – 4-time Kentucky Derby winning trainer. Ian Millar – Canadian equestrian and show jumping legend. Charmayne James – 11-time PRCA World Champion Barrel Racer. Joe Beaver – 3-time PRCA World Champion All-Around Cowboy and the man who started “Tough Enough To Wear Pink” in professional rodeo. Les Vogt – master bit maker and 15-time Reining and Reined Cow Horse World Champion. And many others.

Perhaps Equi-Block’s™ greatest claim to fame may well be the incredible comeback of legendary heavyweight boxing champion Evander Holyfield. After injuring his shoulder in his fight against Riddick Bowe in 1993 and subsequently injuring it further in his next bout against Micheal Moorer in 1994, shoulder pain forced Holyfield into early retirement at age 32. In 1996, his masseuse discovered Equi-Block™ and began using it on Holyfield’s shoulder pain. With his pain virtually eliminated, he returned to the ring that year and stunned the boxing world by defeating Mike Tyson.

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Equi-Block Gets Noticed…

A Move Into The Mainstream

Although Equi-Block™ was a huge hit for horses with joint, muscle, tendon and ligament pain, within two years, more of it was being used by people for their own aches and pains than was being used to treat horses. Racehorse trainers and owners, jockeys, rodeo cowboys, as well as athletes in numerous sports, were using Equi-BlockTM for their joint, muscle and lower back pain.

After the Equi-Block™ and LaKOTA™ brands were sold, the new owners both chose to discontinue with Stewart and Gill’s unique, proprietary pain relief formulas; believing that their formualtions were not that much different from other topical pain medications. They were wrong. Changing the formulations caused sales of both Equi-Block™ and LaKOTA™ to decline dramatically – and left former users without access to the unique, powerful, fast acting and long lasting pain relief formulas developed by Stewart and Gill.

Pain Relief, Redefined.

Now those same great formulations that made Racehorse Strength Equi-Block™, and LaKOTA™ two of the best topical pain relievers in the world are back! Cowboy Protection™ contains our original proprietary formulations and medicinal extracts – but they’re even better than before! So go ahead and try Cowboy Protection™ on your own aches and pains and discover why our formulas became #1!

*Contrary to the lakotaherbs.com website under About LaKOTA™, which states; “Lakota™ is owned by the Pedersen family, a father son team of farmers in Northern British Columbia. They understood that Native people had some unique traditional medicines to share, and helped develop the Lakota™ formulations as a way to make those traditional treatments available to ordinary people everywhere. This knowledge of natural health products was first applied for the therapeutic benefits of award winning race horses. Based on the success treating racehorses with natural health products, they went on to prepare a successful line of equine pain relief and human joint care products”. With the exception of LaKOTA™ now being owned for the Canadian market by the Pedersen family, they did not develop nor did they go on to prepare a successful line of equine pain relief and human joint care products. Credit should rightfully have been given to Rick Stewart as he is the man who developed the original formulas and also started the LaKOTA™ brand – both for horses and people – and not the Pedersen family as the statement on their website implies.

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