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Hit Your Pain Where It Hurts The Most.

Of all the athletes competing in various sports today, none sustain the degree – or the magnitude – of injuries that professional bull riders do. For them, sore muscles and torn ligaments and tendons are just another day at the office.

Broken bones and concussions, too. In a sport where an 8 second ride on a 2,000 pound beast can often seem like a lifetime, pain is just a part of the game – the price you pay for playing the world’s most dangerous professional sport. At the end of their career these athletes will also suffer from arthritis from the injuries they’ve sustained.

Cowboy Protection™ Topical Pain Relievers are the new – greatly improved – analgesic formulas originally developed for racehorses. Initially put on the market under the brand name Racehorse Strength Equi-BlockTM, they became the #1 selling topical pain reliever in the world for race and performance horses.

Due to their fast acting, long lasting relief of pain they also quickly became the topical medication of choice by horse trainers, owners, jockeys, rodeo cowboys and others in the horse industry for use on their own aches and pains.
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Modern Day Relief

Today, these unique, proprietary, pain relieving formulas are now approved for human use by the FDA and Health Canada and sold under the new brand name of Cowboy Protection™.

So if you suffer from arthritis, muscle or lower back pain we strongly encourage you to try our Cowboy Protection™ Topical Pain Relievers. Go ahead and compare them against the competition – we’re confident that you’ll agree that not all pain relievers are created equal!

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